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Top 16 Problems on Investment Accounts (With Solutions)

Are you looking for problems and solutions on investment accounts? You are at the right place! In this article I have compiled top sixteen problems on investment account with its relevant solutions. Contents: Preparation of Bonds Account Preparation of Investment Account Valuing Holdings at Cost (Applying FIFO Method) Preparation of Ledger Account of the Investment […]

Alteration of Share Capital for Reconstruction

In this article we will discuss about the Alteration of Share Capital for Reconstruction. A company can alter its share capital, if it is empowered by its articles to do so. Alteration, as distinct from reduction, may involve the following: (1) Conversion of shares into stock; (2) Increase in capital; (3) Decrease (without reduction in […]

Schemes of Reconstruction of Share Capital

The need for reconstruction arises when a company has accumulated losses or when a company finds itself overcapitalized which means either that the value placed on assets is too much as compared to their earning capacity or that the profits as a whole are insufficient to pay a proper dividend. In the previous section, the […]

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