Difference between Journal and Ledger

Here we detail about the difference between journal and ledger


1. In the journal, business transactions are recorded first.


2. In journal, all transactions are recorded in the chronological order.

3. In journal , both debit and credit aspect are recorded for each transaction

4. In the case of journal, net positions of any account cannot be ascertained.

5. In journal, accounts are prepared on the basis of source documents and vouchers.


1. In ledger, business transactions are posted to various accounts from the journal.

2. A ledger contains various accounts and in each account, entries related to each account are posted irrespective of their occurrence.


3. In ledger, entries are posted to their respective accounts and only one aspect is considered.

4. In the case of ledger, net position of any account can be ascertained.

5. In ledger, accounts are prepared on the basis of transactions recorded in journal.

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