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Turnover Ratios (With Formulas)

Performance or activity ratios judge how well the facilities at the disposal of the concern are being used. The ratios are usually calculated on the basis of cost of sales. The ratios are also known as turnover ratios as they express the rapidity with which a unit of capital invested in fixed assets, stock, etc. […]

Accounting Ratios: Importance and Limitations

Accounting Ratios: Importance and Limitations! Importance of Accounting Ratios: The importance of accounting ratios, that is, relationships worked out among various accounting data which are mutually interdependent and which influence each other in a significant manner, arises from the fact that often absolute figures standing alone convey no meaning. They become significant only when considered […]

4 Main Types of Accounting Ratios

The following points highlight the four main types of accounting ratios. The types are: 1. Return on Investment 2. Profitability Ratios 3. Return on Proprietors’ Funds 4. Return on Equity Capital. Accounting Ratios: Type # 1. Return on Investment: Profitability or the Return on Investment is the basic casual ratio. It is ascertained by a […]

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