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Efficiency and Propriety Audit | Auditing

Efficiency is the ratio of a system’s outputs to inputs, and is strictly a limiting example of an idea of productivity in that an efficient system is one in which this ratio is optimal. Two categories of efficiency should be noted: Economic efficiency, which arises when the cost of inputs is minimized for a given […]

Management Audit: Meaning and Objective | Auditing

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Management Audit 2. Objective of Management Audit 3. Scope 4. Weaknesses. Meaning of Management Audit: “Management audit can be defined as an objective and independent appraisal of the effectiveness of managers and the effectiveness of the corporate structure in the achievement of company objectives and […]

Operation Audit: Concept and Objectives

After reading this article you will learn about Operation Audit:- 1. Concept of Operation Audit 2. Objectives of Operation Audit. Concept of Operation Audit: William Leonard describes operational auditing as a comprehensive and constructive review of organisational structure or components thereof, i.e. method of operation and use of physical facilities’. Operational Auditing is essentially a […]

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