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Management Audit: Meaning and Objective | Auditing

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Management Audit 2. Objective of Management Audit 3. Scope 4. Weaknesses. Meaning of Management Audit: “Management audit can be defined as an objective and independent appraisal of the effectiveness of managers and the effectiveness of the corporate structure in the achievement of company objectives and […]

Management Audit: Definition, Meaning and Fundamental Concepts

After reading this article you will learn about Management Audit:- 1. Definition of Management Audit 2. Meaning & Concept of Management Audit 3. Fundamental Concepts 4. Scope and Process. Definition of Management Audit: There is no general agreement as to the precise meaning of the term: Management Audit…… The term has been defined differently by […]

Management Auditor: Qualities and Functions

After reading this article you will learn about Management Auditor:- 1. Qualities of a Management Auditor 2. Functions of a Management Auditor. Qualities of a Management Auditor: A management auditor should have the following specific qualities: (i) Ability to understand and gauge business problems. (ii) General understanding of the organisation. (iii) Expert knowledge on the […]

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