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Balance Sheet Format | Accounting

In this article we will discuss about horizontal and vertical forms of balance sheet. Horizontal Form of Balance Sheet: According to Section 210 of the Companies Act a Company is required to prepare a Balance Sheet at the end of each trading period. Section 211 requires the Balance Sheet to be set up in the […]

Format of Abridged Balance Sheet | Accounting

The below mentioned article provides a format of abridged balance sheet. As an economy device, the Companies (Amendment) Act 1988 introduced the concept of Abridged Balance Sheet vide Section 219(1) (b) (iv). As per this provision, the companies need not send the detailed Balance Sheet together with many schedules and reports to shareholders and may […]

Dividend and Consolidated Balance Sheet| Company

The following points, in respect of dividends, should be kept in mind while preparing consolidated balance sheet: (i) Proposed Dividend: When a subsidiary company proposed the dividend, it debits its Profit and Loss Appropriation Account and credits Proposed Dividend Account. Holding Company’s share of such dividend will appear with the Profit and Loss Account balance […]

Format of Balance Sheet | India | Accounting

The Balance Sheet of a banking company is to be prepared in Form A given in Third Schedule to the Act. Unlike the previous form, the present one is devoid of details, the latter being shown in the schedules. RBI has given guidelines for compiling the balance sheet. Below are given Form A, the schedules […]

Format of Balance Sheet | Accounting

After reading this article you will learn about the format of balance sheet. Balance sheet reflects financial position of an entity. IAS 1 has used the term Statement of Financial Position in place of Balance Sheet. IFRSs format focuses on classified balance sheet based on current non-current classification. Balance sheet presents assets, liabilities and equity […]

Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet (Guidelines)

Read this article to learn about the guidelines for preparation of Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet. (1) While preparing Income & Expenditure Account, it should be noted that items related to the current accounting period are recorded therein. For this purpose income and expenditure should be recognized on the basis of accrual concept. […]

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