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Private and Public Company: Difference | India | Accounting

The upcoming discussion will update you about the differences between private and public company. Difference # Private Company: 1. The minimum number of members required to form a company is two. 2. The maximum number of members must not exceed fifty. 3. It must have two directors. 4. Shares are not freely transferable. 5. It […]

Remuneration Payable to Managerial Personnel | Accounting

Remuneration payable to different categories of managerial personnel is as follows:- 1. Manager 2. Managing Director 3. Whole-Time Director 4. Director. 1. Manager: Manager means a person who has got the control of the whole or substantially the whole of the affairs of a company. There can be only one manager in a company and […]

Accounting Provisions Regarding Inter-Company Stocks | Amalgamation

In this article we will discuss about the accounting provisions regarding inter-company stocks, explained with the help of illustrations. Inter-Company Owings generally arise because of purchases and sales that are made before the amalgamation or absorption. When the vendor company has purchased goods from purchasing company it is possible that some of which remains unsold […]

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