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Float: Meaning and Types | Financial Management

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning and Sources of Float 2. Types of Float 3. Management of Float 4. Electronic Cash Management System 5. Virtual Banking. Meaning and Sources of Float: Float refers to ‘the amount of money tied up between the time a payment is initiated and cleared funds become available […]

5 Main Criteria Required for Floatation of Companies

The following points highlight the five main criteria required for floatation of companies. The criteria are: 1. Documents 2. Prospectus 3. Deposits 4. Minimum Subscription 5. Certificate of Commencement of Business 6. Returns as to Allotment. Floatation of Companies: Criteria # 1. Documents: It is usually a “promoter” who thinks of the idea of a […]

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