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Meeting of Shareholders

The following points highlight the five main criteria required during meeting of shareholders. The criteria are: 1. Quorum 2. Voting 3. Resolutions 4. Copies to be Filed with the Registrar 5. Minutes Books. Meeting of Shareholders: Criteria # 1. Quorum: The quorum for the general meetings of the company is five persons personally present for […]

General Shareholders Meeting of a Company

The following points highlight the top three kinds of general shareholders meeting of a company. The kinds are: 1. Statutory Meeting 2. Annual General Meeting 3. Extraordinary General Meeting. Shareholders Meeting: Kind # 1. Statutory Meeting: Every public company limited by shares, and limited by guarantee and having a share capital, must hold a general […]

Reduction of Capital and Various Rights of Share Holders

In this article we will discuss about the Reduction of Capital and Various Rights of Share Holders. Reduction of capital means the following: (a) Extinguishing or reducing the liability on any of the shares in respect of the unpaid amount. (b) Cancelling any paid up share capital (writing off) which is lost or unrepresented by […]

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