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Computerised Accounting System (A Project Report)

In this report we will discuss about the Computerised Accounting System:- 1. Features of Computerised Accounting System 2. Codification and Grouping of Accounts 3. Spread-sheet Software 4. Pre-packaged Accounting Software 5. Customised Accounting Software 6. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software 7. Outsourcing of Accounting Function 8. Choice of an Alternative. Project Report Contents: Features of […]

5 Main Components of a Computer

The following points highlight the five main components of a computer. The components are: 1. Input Unit 2. Memory or Storage Unit 3. Arithmetic and Logic Unit 4. Output Unit 5. Control Unit.   Component # 1. Input Unit: This unit transfers the information from outside to the memory or storage unit by any of […]

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