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8 Main Annexures to Cost Audit Report

This article throws light upon the eight main annexures to cost audit report with their respective explanations. The annexures are: 1. General 2. Cost Accounting System 3. Process of Manufacture 4. Quantitative Details 5. Break-Up of Cost of Input Materials Imported during the Year 6. Power, Fuel and Utilities 7. Salaries and Wages 8. Repairs […]

Objections in Publishing the Cost Audit Report

After reading this article you will learn about the Objections in Publishing Cost Audit Report. The publication and circulation of annual Financial Audit Reports to the members and shareholders of a company are mandatory and compulsory. But the position with respect to Cost Audit Reports is entirely different. The cost auditor submits his reports to […]

Views Justifying Disclosures of Cost Audit Reports

This article throws light upon the top seven views justifying disclosures of cost audit reports. (i) The provisions of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1974 intends to ‘safeguard the interests of the shareholders’. The interests of the shareholders are not merely limited to a satisfactory return on their sums invested. They, as outsider-participants in the capital […]

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