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Deficit Financing in India

After reading this essay you will learn about deficit financing in India. In a country like India, where resources mobilisation through taxa­tion is limited, and investment requirements for accelerating eco­nomic development is large, the method of deficit financing has be­come inevitable. It is believed that when there is large stock of ideal and unutilised resources, […]

Essay on Joint Stock Companies

Essay on Joint Stock Companies! A joint stock company is a voluntary association of persons formed for the purpose of some business for profit with common capital, divisible into transferable shares and possessing a corporate legal entity and a common seal. It is created by a process of law and can be put to an […]

Essay on Management: Meaning, Principles and Features

After reading this essay you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Management 2. Principles of Management 3. Features 4. Concepts. Essay on the Meaning of Management: In today’s world Management is considered as an important discipline like Medicine, Engineering, Technology and Accounting. Because, the success of an organisation is depending on effective management. In this […]

Essay on Financial Management

After reading this essay you will learn about Financial Management:- 1. Nature of Financial Management 2. Approaches of Financial Management 3. Objectives 4. Goals 5. Responsibilities. Contents: Essay on the Nature of Financial Management Essay on Approaches of Financial Management Essay on the Objectives of Financial Management Essay on the Goals of Financial Management Essay […]

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