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Top 4 Sources of Finance (With Formula and Calculations)

This article throws light upon the top four sources of finance. The sources are: 1. Cost of Debt 2. Cost of Preference Capital 3. Cost of Equity Share Capital 4. Cost of Retained Earnings. Finance: Source # 1. Cost of Debt: i. Cost Perpetual/Irredeemable Debt: The cost of debt is the rate of interest payable […]

Categories for Classification of Corporate Securities (With Diagram)

This article throws light upon the top two categories for classification of corporate securities. The categories are: 1. Ownership Securities 2. Creditor-ship Securities. Category # 1. Ownership Securities: The term ‘ownership securities,’ also known as ‘capital stock’ represents shares. Shares are the most universal form of raising long-term funds from the market. Every company, except […]

Top 5 Forms of Financial Lease| Finance Sources

This article throws light upon the top five forms of financial lease. The forms are: 1. Sale and Leaseback 2. Direct Leasing 3. Leveraged Lease 4. Straight Lease and Modified Lease 5. Primary and Secondary Lease. Financial Lease: Form # 1. Sale and Leaseback: A sale and leaseback arrangement involves the sale of an asset […]

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