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Essay on Financial Ratios (For Students) | Company | Accounting

Read this essay to learn about:- 1. Meaning of Financial Ratios 2. Liquidity Ratios 3. Solvency Ratios 4. Profitability Ratios 5. Turnover Ratios 6. Ratios for Shareholders and Potential Investors 7. Coverage Ratios 8. Debt-Service Ratios 9. Cost Ratios 10. Calculation of Different Ratios. Essay # 1. Meaning of Financial Ratios: Financial ratios express relationship […]

Financial Ratio Formulas | Accounting

Here is a list of some important financial ratio formulas. 1. Current Ratio = Current Assets/Current Liabilities 2. Net Working Capital Ratio = Net Working Capital/Net Assets 3. Quick Ratio = Quick Assets/Liquid Liabilities 4. Cash Position Ratio = (Cash + Marketable Securities)/ Liquid Liabilities 5. Proprietary Ratio = Shareholders’ Fund/ Total Asset (or) Total […]

Financial Ratio Analysis: Definition, Importance and Limitations

After reading this article you will learn about Financial Ratio Analysis:- 1. Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis 2. Definition of Financial Ratio Analysis 3. Importance 4. Limitations 5. Interested Parties. Contents: Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis Definition of Financial Ratio Analysis Importance of Financial Ratio Analysis Limitations of Financial Ratio Analysis Interested Parties of Financial […]

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