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10 Important Factors Affecting Goodwill | Business

The main factors affecting the goodwill are as follows:-  1. Suitable Location of the Business 2. Managerial Skill 3. Nature of Business 4. Risk in Business 5. Favourable Contracts 6. Trend in the Profit 7. Possession of Patent and Trade Marks 8. Capital 9. Government Patronage 10. Other Factors. Factor # 1. Suitable Location of […]

Goodwill: Definition, Nature and Features | Business

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Definition of Goodwill 2. Nature of Goodwill 3. Features 4. Need for Valuation 5. Accounting Treatment. Definition of Goodwill: Goodwill is a thing easy to describe, but very difficult to define. It is the benefit and advantage of good name, reputation and connection of a business. It […]

Evaluating Goodwill of a Business: 4 Methods | Accounting

The following are the methods of evaluating goodwill:- 1. Average Profit Method  2. Super Profit Method  3. Capitalisation Method  4. Annuity Method. Method # 1. Average Profit Method: Under this method goodwill is valued on the basis of an agreed number of years’ purchase of the average maintainable profits. The maintainable profit indicates the adjusted […]

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