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Notes on Net Profit

In this article we will discuss about the Net Profit in Accounting Policies:- 1. Objective of Net Profit 2. Scope of Net Profit 3. Definitions 4. Period 5. Extra Ordinary Items 6. Ordinary Activities 7. Prior Period Items 8. Changes in Accounting Estimates 9. Changes in Accounting Policies 10. Contingencies and Events Occurring after the […]

Top 7 Accounting Policies for Banking Companies

The following points highlight the top seven accounting policies for banking companies. The policies are: 1. General 2. Transactions Involving Foreign Exchange 3. Investments 4. Advances 5. Fixed Assets 6. Staff Benefits 7. Net Profit. General: The accompanying financial statements have been prepared on the historical cost basis and conform to the statutory provisions and […]

AS-5 on Changes in Accounting Estimates and Accounting Policies

In this article we will discuss about Accounting Standard (AS) 5 with regard to changes in accounting estimates and accounting policies. AS-5 on Changes in Accounting Estimates: 1. As a result of the uncertainties inherent in business activities many financial statement items cannot be measured with precision but can only be estimated. The estimation process […]

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