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Top 8 Advantages of Business Forecasting

This article throws light upon the top eight advantages of business forecasting. The advantages are: 1.  Establishing a New Business 2. Formulating Plans 3. Estimating Financial Needs 4. Facilitating Managerial Decisions 5. Quality of Management 6. Encourages Co-operation and co-ordination 7. Better Utilisation of Resources 8. Success in Business. Business Forecasting: Advantage # 1. Establishing […]

Advantages of Historical Cost

In this article we will discuss about the advantages of historical cost. Firstly, historical cost principle automatically requires the recording of all actual transactions in the past. The market value of finished goods can be ascertained without knowing how the goods were actually produced. But there is no way to determine the historical cost of […]

Top 6 Advantages of Ratio Analysis

The following points highlight the top six advantages of ratio analysis. The advantages are: 1. Useful in Financial Position Analysis 2. Useful in Simplifying Accounting Figures 3. Useful in Assessing the Operational Efficiency 4. Useful in Forecasting Purposes 5. Useful in Locating the Weak Spots of the Business 6. Useful in Comparison of Performance. Advantages […]

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