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Application of Cost Volume Profit Relationship in Decision Making

Application of Cost Volume Profit Relationship in Decision Making! Now let us take a Few Decision Situations: i. Buying a Spares Versus Taking a Factory on Operating Lease: CVP analysis is carried using cost variability. Fixed cost remains fixed within a range. All short run decisions is linked to the principle of profit maximization given […]

Analysis of Public Expenditure Growth: 3 Theories

This article throws light upon the top three theories for the analysis of public expenditure growth. The theories are: Theory # 1. Wagner’s Hypothesis: Adolf Wagner a noted German political economist (1835-1917) pro­pounded an empirical law to analyses and explains the trend in the growth of public expenditure. Wagner argued that a functional, cause and […]

Analysis of Different Arguments for Standard Setting

In this article we will analyse different arguments for standard setting. 1. Government as Standard Setter: The following arguments are generally given for standard setting by the government: (1) A government would be free of conflicts of interest—more impartial and more responsive to all interests; it would not become a tool of business interests or […]

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