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3 Main Approaches to Financial Management | Management

The following points highlight the three main approaches to financial management. The approaches are: 1. Traditional View 2. Modern View 3. Liquidity and Profitability. Approach # 1. Traditional View: Financial management is primarily concerned with acquisition, financing and management of assets of business concern in order to maximize the wealth of the firm for its […]

Top 2 Approaches to Income Measurement

The following points highlight the top two approaches to income measurement. The approaches are: 1. Transactions Approach to Income Measurement 2. Activities Approach to Income Measurement. Approach # 1. Transactions Approach to Income Measurement: The transactions approach in income measurement records changes in asset and liability valuations only as these are the result of transactions. […]

Approaches followed by a Management Auditor

This article throws light upon the three approaches by a management auditor. The approaches are: 1. Cash Forecasting 2. Cash Budgeting 3. Cash Planning. Management Auditor: Approach # 1. Cash Forecasting: (1) The methods adopted for forecasting cash. (2) The determining factors considered for expected payments and receipts for a chosen period. (3) The extent […]

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