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Top 7 Methods for Charging Depreciation

This article throws light upon the top seven methods for charging depreciation on assets. The methods are: 1. Fixed Installment 2. Diminishing Balance Method 3. Annuity Method 4. Depreciation Fund Method 5. Insurance Policy Method 6. Revaluation Method 7. Depletion Method 8. Machine Hour Rate Method. Method # 1. Fixed Installment: This is the oldest […]

Assets: Definition, Characteristics and Objectives

In this article we will discuss about Assets:- 1. Definition of Assets 2. Characteristics of Assets 3. Objectives of Valuation 4. Types. Definition of Assets: Financial accounting has basic elements like assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenue, expenses and net income (or net loss) which are related to the economic resources, economic obligations, residual interest and […]

Top 4 Valuation Concepts of Assets (With Evaluation)

The following points highlight the top four valuation concepts of assets. The concepts are: 1. Historical Cost 2. Current Entry Price (Replacement Cost) 3. Current Exit Price (Net Realisable Value) 4. Present Value of Expected Cash Flows. Valuation Concept # 1. Historical Cost: Cost has been the most common valuation concept in the traditional accounting […]

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