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Legal Provisions of Banking in India

In this article we will discuss about the Legal Provisions of Banking in India:- 1. Definition of Banking 2. Forms of Banking Business 3. Non-banking Assets 4. Management 5. Minimum Capital and Reserves 6. Floating Charge 7. Restrictions of Dividends 8. Statutory Reserve 9. Cash Reserves and Statutory Liquidity Reserve 10. Restrictions on Loans and […]

Top 7 Types of Non-performing Asset

The following points highlight the top seven types of non-performing assets. The types are: 1. Term Loans 2. Cash Credit and Overdrafts 3. Agricultural Advances 4. Exempted Assets 5. Advances under Rehabilitation Packages 6. Take-out Finance 7. Advances Covered by the Guarantees of DICGC/ECGC. Non-performing Assets: Type # 1. Term Loans: A term loan facility […]

7 Main Types of Non-Cash Bank Transactions

The following points highlight the seven main types of non-cash transactions. The types are: 1. Demand Drafts and Telegraphic Transfers 2. Travellers Cheques and Letters of Credit 3. Any Time Money (ATM) Cards have Made Traveller Cheques 4. Acceptances, Endorsements and Other Obligations 5. Bills for Collection 6. Bills Purchased and Discounted 7. Rebate on […]

Top 7 Accounting Policies for Banking Companies

The following points highlight the top seven accounting policies for banking companies. The policies are: 1. General 2. Transactions Involving Foreign Exchange 3. Investments 4. Advances 5. Fixed Assets 6. Staff Benefits 7. Net Profit. General: The accompanying financial statements have been prepared on the historical cost basis and conform to the statutory provisions and […]

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