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Budget: Meaning, Features and Canons

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning and Definition of Budget 2. Features of a Budget 3. Canons 4. Classification. Meaning and Definition of Budget: The word “Budget” as applied to public finance was traced by Cannan to an anonymous pamphlet, enlilled. The Budget Opened, attacking the policy of Walpole while Chancellor […]

6 Main Concepts of Government Deficit

This article throws light upon the six main concepts of government deficits. The concepts are: 1. Budgetary Deficit (BD) 2. Monetized Fiscal Deficit (MFD) 3. Gross Fiscal Deficit (GFD) 4. Net Fiscal Deficit (NFD) 5. Gross Primary Deficit (GPD) 6. Net Primary Deficit (NPD). Government Deficit: Concept # 1. Budgetary Deficit: In India, the budget […]

Framing of Budget: 3 Steps

This article throws light upon the three steps involved in the framing of budget. The steps are: 1. Preparation of the Budget 2. Legis­lation of the Budget 3. Execution of the Budget. Framing of Budget: Step # 1. Preparation of the Budget: The Budget is prepared usually for a year. The selection of the finan­cial […]

Budget: Definition, Purpose, Elements and Steps

In this article we will discuss about Budget:- 1. Definition of Budget 2. Purposes of a Budget 3. Elements 4. Steps. Definition of Budget: A Budget is a plan expressed in quantitative usually monetary terms, covering a specified period of time, usually one year. Many companies refer to their annual budget as a profit plan […]

Classification of Budget | Cost Accountancy

The following points highlight the four types of classification of  budget. The types are: 1. On the Basis of Time 2. On the Basis of Function 3. On the Basis of Flexibility 4. On the Basis of Nature of Business Activity. Classification of Budget: Type # 1. On the Basis of Time: According to time, […]

Budget Types: 9 Types of Budget | Cost Accountancy

The following points highlight the nine types of budget. The types are: 1. Plant Utilisation Budget 2. Production Cost Budget 3. Direct Material Budget 4. Capital Budgeting 5. Zero Base Budgeting 6. Performance Budget 7. Sales Budget 8. Cash Budget 9. Flexible Budget. Budget: Type # 1. Plant Utilisation Budget: Plant utilisation budget is prepared […]

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