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Difference between Company and a Partnership Firm | India | Accounting

The upcoming discussion will update about the difference between company and a partnership firm. Difference # Company: 1. A Company is regulated by the Companies Act, 1956. 2. A Company must be registered. 3. A Company has a separate legal existence distinct from its shareholders. 4. The minimum number of persons required to form a […]

Factors Affecting Valuation of Goodwill | Business

In this article we will discuss about the internal and external factors affecting the valuation of goodwill of a business.  Internal Factors Affecting Valuation of Goodwill : (1) If risk is less in a business, then the amount of goodwill will be more than those businesses in which risks are more. (2) If quality of […]

10 Important Factors Affecting Goodwill | Business

The main factors affecting the goodwill are as follows:-  1. Suitable Location of the Business 2. Managerial Skill 3. Nature of Business 4. Risk in Business 5. Favourable Contracts 6. Trend in the Profit 7. Possession of Patent and Trade Marks 8. Capital 9. Government Patronage 10. Other Factors. Factor # 1. Suitable Location of […]

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