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Financial Statements of a Business Enterprise

The financial statements are: 1. Profits and Loss Account 2. Balance Sheet 3. Statement of Changes in Financial Position (SCFP). Financial Statement # 1. Profits and Loss Account: Profit and loss account, also known as income Statement, presents the results of operations of a business enterprise for a period of time. This statement shows net […]

Corporate Services Audit

After reading this article you will learn about Corporate Services Audit of a Business Enterprise:- 1. Concept of Corporate Services Audit 2. Scope of Corporate Services Audit 3. Approach. Concept of Corporate Services Audit: ‘Corporate Services’ is a generic term which implies service-oriented obligations of a corporate sector entity to different interest groups such as: […]

Corporate Image of a Business Enterprise

This article throws light upon the top eight evaluation techniques for corporate image of a business enterprise. The evaluation techniques are: 1. Graphical Method 2. Point Method 3. Index Formulae 4. Survey Method 5. Ratio-Analysis 6. State or Public Recognition 7. Position Analysis 8. Method of Comparison. Corporate Image: Evaluation Technique # 1. Graphical Method: […]

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