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Capitalisation: Meaning, Need and Theories

After reading this article you will learn about Capitalisation:- 1. Meaning of Capitalisation 2. Modern Concept of Capitalisation 3. Need 4. Theories 5. Fair. Contents: Meaning of Capitalisation Modern Concept of Capitalisation Need of Capitalisation Theories of Capitalisation Fair Capitalisation 1. Meaning of Capitalisation: Capitalisation is one of the most important constituents of financial plan. […]

Capitalisation, Capital Structure and Financial Structure

The terms, capitalization, capital structure and financial structure, do not mean the same. While capitalisation is a quantitative aspect of the financial planning of an enterprise, capital structure is concerned with the qualitative aspect. Capitalisation refers to the total amount of securities issued by a company while capital structure refers to the kinds of securities […]

Reasons Necessitating Change in Capitalisation

This article throws light upon the ten main reasons necessitating change in capitalisation. The reasons are: 1. To Restore Balance in the Financial Plan 2. To Simplify the Capital Structure 3. To Suit Investor’s Needs 4. To fund Current Liabilities 5. To Write off the Deficit 6. To Capitalize Retained Earnings 7. To Clear Default […]

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