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Financial Reporting: Concept, Objectives and Benefits

In this article we will discuss about Financial Reporting:- 1. Concept of Financial Reporting 2. Objectives of Financial Reporting 3. Developments on Financial Reporting Objectives Concept of Financial Reporting: Financial reporting may be defined as communication of published financial statements and related information from a business enterprise to third parties (external users) including shareholders, creditors, […]

Financial Reporting and Financial Statements

The upcoming discussion will update you about the difference between financial reporting and financial statements. 1. Financial statements are a central feature of financial reporting. They are a principal means of communicating accounting information to those outside an enterprise. Although financial statements may also contain information from sources other than accounting records, accounting systems are […]

Top 11 Qualitative Characteristics of Accounting Information

The following points highlight the top eleven characteristics of accounting information. The characteristics are: 1. Relevance 2. Reliability 3. Understandability 4. Comparability 5. Consistency 6. Neutrality 7. Materiality 8. Timeliness 9. Verifiability 10. Conservatism 11. Substance over Form. Characteristic # 1. Relevance: Relevance is closely and directly related to the concept of useful information. Relevance implies […]

IASB’s Conceptual Framework: Subject-Matter and Uses

In this article we will discuss about the subject matter and uses of IASB’s conceptual framework. Subject-Matter of IASB’S Framework: IASB’s conceptual framework deals with: (a) The objective of financial statements; (b) The qualitative characteristics that determine the usefulness of information in financial statements, (c) The definition, recognition and measurements of the elements from which […]

Segment Reporting: Concept, Benefits and Limitations

In this article we will discuss about Segment Reporting:- 1. Concept of Segment Reporting 2. Benefits of Segment Reporting 3. Limitations 4. Difficulties. Concept of Segment Reporting: The basic goal of a country’s economy is to maximise the economic and social welfare of its citizens through an efficient allocation of resources. In developing economies, chartered […]

Interim Reporting: Need, Objectives and Problems

In this article we will discuss about Interim Reporting:- 1. Need for Interim Reporting 2. SEBI’S Guidelines on Interim Reporting 3. Problems 4. Interim Reporting Practices in India. Need for Interim Reporting: In a dynamic business environment, with the increased scope and complexity of business enterprises, annual data are insufficient to evaluate developments in general […]

Improving Interim Reports: Guidelines and Suggestions

In this article we will discuss about the guidelines and suggestions for improving interim reports. Guidelines for Improving Interim Reports: The primary purposes of interim reports are to help the users in prediction of results for the current year. Although interim reporting involves important accounting problems, its need and significance is now being felt by […]

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