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Cost Accounting Records Rules: Subject Matter and Classification

After reading this article you will learn about Cost Accounting Records Rules:- 1. Subject-Matter of the Cost Accounting Records Rules 2. Classification of the Cost Accounting Records Rules. Subject-Matter of the Cost Accounting Records Rules: The Companies (Amendment) Act of 1965, under its Section 209(1)(d), incorporates a provision that proper books of account in the […]

Industry-Wise Features of Cost Accounting Record Rules

This article throws light upon the thirteen main industry-wise features of cost accounting record rules. Some of the features are: 1. Scope of Application 2. Materials and Components, etc. 3. Salaries and Wages 4. Utilities 5. Workshop/Repairs and Maintenance etc. 6. Multi-Purpose Vessels/Machines 7. Depreciation 8. Conversion Cost 9. Overheads 10. Research and Development Expenses […]

Top 12 Industry-Wise Features of Cost Statements

This article throws light upon the top twelve industry-wise features of cost statements. The features are: 1. Jute Goods 2. Paper 3. Dyes 4. Rayon 5. Nylon 6. Polyester 7. Dry Cell Batteries 8. Steel Tubes and Pipes 9. Engineering Goods 10. Electrical Cables 11. Motor Vehicles 12. Chemical Industries. Industry-Wise Feature # 1. Jute […]

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