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Non-Integrated Accounting System | Cost Accounting

In a non-integrated accounting system two different sets of accounting records are maintained for Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting purposes. This system is also called as ‘cost ledger accounting system’. The Cost Accounts are also maintained in double entry bookkeeping as in the case of Financial Accounts. The non-integrated system of accounting is followed in […]

Integrated Accounting System | Cost Accounting

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Benefits of Integrated Accounting System 2. Prerequisites for Integration of Accounts 3. Accounting Entries under Both Methods. CIMA defines that “integrated accounting system refers to the interlocking of the financial and cost accounting systems to ensure all relevant expenditure is absorbed into the cost accounts. Under this […]

Control Accounts: Meaning, Advantages and Formats

In this article we will discuss about Control Accounts:- 1. Meaning of Control Accounts 2. Advantages of Control Accounts 3. Formats. Meaning of Control Accounts: Control Accounts are the total accounts in the cost ledger which summarizes the totals of individual accounts (subsidiary ledger). In these accounts, entries are made once at the end of […]

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