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Methods for the Segregation of Semi-Variable Costs (With Formula)

This article throws light upon the top seven methods for segregation of semi-variable costs. The methods are: 1. Comparison 2. High and Low Points 3. Equation 4. Average 5. Graphic (Scatter Diagram) 6. Least Squares 7. Analytical Approach. Segregation of Semi-Variable Costs: Method # 1. Comparison: Under this method, the quantum of output at two […]

Top 9 Cost Concepts used in Decision Making

The following points highlight the top nine cost concepts used in decision making. The cost concepts are: 1. Marginal Cost 2. Out of Pocket Costs 3. Differential Costs 4. Sunk Costs 5. Opportunity Cost 6. Imputed Costs 7. Replacement Cost 8. Avoidable Cost and Unavoidable Cost 9. Relevant Cost and Irrelevant Cost. Decision Making: Cost […]

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