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Concept of Optimal Taxation: 3 Criterions

This article throws light upon the three main criterions for defining the concept of optimal taxation. The criterions are: 1. Minimization of Resource Cost 2. Equity Criteria 3. Efficiency Criteria. Criteria # 1. Minimization of Resource Cost: A tax system usually involves cost of collection to the authorities and a resource cost to the taxpayers. […]

Meeting of Shareholders

The following points highlight the five main criteria required during meeting of shareholders. The criteria are: 1. Quorum 2. Voting 3. Resolutions 4. Copies to be Filed with the Registrar 5. Minutes Books. Meeting of Shareholders: Criteria # 1. Quorum: The quorum for the general meetings of the company is five persons personally present for […]

5 Main Criteria Required for Floatation of Companies

The following points highlight the five main criteria required for floatation of companies. The criteria are: 1. Documents 2. Prospectus 3. Deposits 4. Minimum Subscription 5. Certificate of Commencement of Business 6. Returns as to Allotment. Floatation of Companies: Criteria # 1. Documents: It is usually a “promoter” who thinks of the idea of a […]

7 Important Criterion for Revenue Recognition

The following points highlight the seven important criterion for revenue recognition. Some of the criterion are: 1. Revenue Recognised at the Point of Sale 2. Revenue Recognition in Sale of Services 3. Revenue Recognition in Construction Work 4. Revenue Recognition in Instalment Credit Sales 5. Revenue Recognition Using Production Method and Others. Criteria # 1. […]

Notes on Management Audit Criteria

This article provides notes on Management Audit Criteria. The management functions are fundamentally of two types—qualitative and quantitative. Even if quantitative criteria or standards are identifiable or determinable and auditable, the qualitative aspects are difficult to audit. With respect to Management Audit, the objective is to identify for management the typical problems the company faces […]

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