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Debenture Types: Top 13 Types of Debenture

This article throws light upon the top thirteen types of debenture. The types are:  1. Simple, Naked or Unsecured Debentures 2. Secured or Mortgaged Debentures 3. Bearer Debentures 4. Registered Debentures 5. Redeemable Debentures 6. Irredeemable Debentures 7. Convertible Debentures 8. Zero Interest Bonds / Debentures 9. Zero Coupon Bonds 10. First Debentures and Second […]

Debenture: Advantages and Disadvantages

After reading this article you will learn about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Debenture. Advantages of Debenture: Debentures offer a number of advantages both to the company as well as investors. These are discussed as below: (a) Advantages to the Company: The company has the following main advantages of using debentures and bonds as a […]

Top 5 Features of Debenture | Finance Sources

This article throws light upon the top five features of debenture. The features are: 1. Maturity 2. Claims on Income 3. Claims on Assets 4. Control 5. Call Feature. Feature # 1. Maturity: Although debentures provide long-term funds to a company, they mature after a specific period. Generally, the debentures are to be repaid at […]

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