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Top 17 Factors Determining the Capital Structure

This article throws light upon the top seventeen factors determining the capital structure. The factors are: 1. Financial Leverage 2. Growth and Stability of Sales 3. Cost of Capital 4. Risk 5. Cash Flow Ability to Service Debt 6. Nature and Size of a Firm 7. Control 8. Flexibility 9. Requirements of Investors 10. Capital […]

Top 3 Factors for Financing Current Assets | Working Capital

This article throws light upon the top three factors for financing current assets. The factors are: 1. Flexibility 2. Risk 3. Cost of Financing. Financing Current Asset: Factor # 1. Flexibility: It is comparatively easy to repay short-term loans than long-term ones when the need for funds decreases. Long-term funds, e.g., debenture or preference share […]

Top 10 Factors for Consideration of Dividend Policy

This article throws light upon the top ten factors for consideration of dividend policy. The factors are: 1. General State of Economy 2. Capital Market Considerations 3. Legal, Contractual Constraints and Restrictions 4. Tax Policy/Tax Consideration 5. Inflation 6. Stability of Dividends 7. Dividend Pay-Out (D/P) Ratio 8. Owner’s Considerations 9. Nature of Earnings 10. […]

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