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10 Main Features of Indian Tax Structure

This article throws light upon the ten main features of Indian tax structure. Some of the features are: 1. The Scientific Division of Tax Powers 2. Multiplicity of Tax Structure 3. Larger share of Indirect Taxes 4. Insufficient Tax Revenue 5. Greater Importance to Sate Government in Federal Fiscal System 6. Incidence of Taxation 7. […]

Top 5 Features of Debenture | Finance Sources

This article throws light upon the top five features of debenture. The features are: 1. Maturity 2. Claims on Income 3. Claims on Assets 4. Control 5. Call Feature. Feature # 1. Maturity: Although debentures provide long-term funds to a company, they mature after a specific period. Generally, the debentures are to be repaid at […]

7 Main Features of Target Costing Process

The following points highlight the seven main features of target costing. 1. Target Costing is viewed as an integral part of the design and introduction of new products. As such, it is part of an overall profit management process, rather than simply a tool for cost reduction and cost management. The first part of the […]

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