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4 Main Aspects Project Appraisal by Financial Institutions

The following points highlight the four main aspects project appraisal by financial institutions. The aspects are: 1. Financial Feasibility 2. Technical Feasibility 3. Economic Feasibility 4. Management Competence. Aspect # 1. Financial Feasibility: The basic data required for a financial feasibility analysis can be grouped as under: (i) Cost of project and means of financing, […]

Top 8 Financial Institutions of India

This article throws light upon the top eight financial institutions at national level. The financial institutions are: 1. Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI) 2. Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI) 3. State Financial Corporations (SFCs) 4. State Industrial Development Corporations (SIDC’S) 5. Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI) 6. Industrial Investment Bank […]

Term Loan: Meaning, Feature and Appraisal Procedure

After reading this article you will learn about Term Loan:- 1. Meaning of Term Loans 2. Features of Term Loans 3. Financial Institutions 4. Appraisal Procedure for Granting Term Loan. Meaning of Term Loans: The medium or long-term loans are popularly known as ‘Term loans’ which are provided by the specialized financial institutions specially set […]

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