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Top 8 Techniques of Financial Management

The important techniques of financial management are summarized as follows:- 1. Common-Size Statements 2. Trend Ratios 3. Funds Flow Analysis 4. Cash-Flow Analysis 5. Ratio Analysis 6. Working Capital Management 7. Capital Structure 8. Capital Budgeting Techniques. Technique # 1. Common-Size Statements: The common-size financial statements are those in which figures reported are converted into […]

Top 6 Categories of Ratio Analysis | Firm

The following points highlight the top six categories of ratio analysis. The categories are: 1. Liquidity Ratios 2. Leverage Ratios 3. Asset Management Ratios 4. Profitability Ratios 5. Operating Ratios 6. Market Based Ratios. Category # 1. Liquidity Ratios: The liquidity ratios measure the liquidity of the firm and its ability to meet its maturing […]

Du Pont Analysis | Financial Management

The below mentioned article provides a note on du pont analysis. The Du Pont company of USA has introduced a system of financial analysis which has received a wider acceptance. The Du Pont Chart is a chart of financial ratios, which analyses the net profit margin in terms of asset turnover. The Du Pont analysis […]

Time Value of Money | Financial Management

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Calculation of Interest Rates and Discounting of Cash-Flows 2. Term Structure and Interest Rates. Calculation of Interest Rates and Discounting of Cash-flows: Time Value of Money: The value of money received today is different from the value of money received after some time in the future. An […]

Funds Flow Statement and Income Statement | Financial Management

The funds flow statement and income statement have different functions and their main differences are summarized below: Difference # Funds Flow Statement: 1. Funds flow statements main objective is to ascertain the funds generated from operations. It reveals the sources of funds and their applications. 2. Funds flow statement is prepared based on the financial […]

Funds Flow Statement: Meaning and Preparation

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Funds Flow Statement 2. Preparation of Funds Flow Statement 3. Benefits and Drawbacks. Meaning of Funds Flow Statement: The profit and loss account and balance sheet statements are the common important accounting statements of a business organization. The profit and loss account provides financial information […]

Economic Value Added (EVA) | Financial Management

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning of Economic Value Added 2. Suggestions to Improve EVA 3. Steps in Implementing EVA 4. Superiority of EVA 5. Drawbacks of EVA. Meaning of Economic Value Added: The goal of financial management is to maximize the shareholder’s value. The shareholder’s wealth is measured by the returns […]

3 Main Approaches to Financial Management | Management

The following points highlight the three main approaches to financial management. The approaches are: 1. Traditional View 2. Modern View 3. Liquidity and Profitability. Approach # 1. Traditional View: Financial management is primarily concerned with acquisition, financing and management of assets of business concern in order to maximize the wealth of the firm for its […]

Reasons for Centralizing Finance Function

The argument in favour of centralizing the finance function is based on the following reasons:- 1. Strategic Decisions 2. Cash-Flow 3. External Orientation 4. Coordination 5. Financial Discipline 6. Information Flow. Reason # 1. Strategic Decisions: Many of the strategic decisions like setting up of financial goals, investment in capital projects, raising of finances through […]

Top 20 Functions of Financial Controller

The following points highlight top twenty functions of a financial controller in a large business. The functions are: 1. Provision of Capital 2. Investor Relations 3. Short-Term Financing 4. Banking and Custody 5. Credit and Collections 6. Insurance 7. Investments 8. Planning for Control 9. Reporting and Interpreting 10. Evaluating and Consulting 11. Tax Administration […]

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