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Financial Ratio Analysis: Definition, Importance and Limitations

After reading this article you will learn about Financial Ratio Analysis:- 1. Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis 2. Definition of Financial Ratio Analysis 3. Importance 4. Limitations 5. Interested Parties. Contents: Introduction to Financial Ratio Analysis Definition of Financial Ratio Analysis Importance of Financial Ratio Analysis Limitations of Financial Ratio Analysis Interested Parties of Financial […]

Revenue Statement Ratios

This article throws light upon the top three types of revenue statement ratios. The types are: 1. Expenses Ratio 2. Earning Ratios 3. Profit Cover Ratios. Type # 1. Expenses Ratio: (a) Fixed Expenses to Total Cost Ratio: It indicates the idle capacity in the organisation. If this ratio gradually increases without, however, a corresponding […]

Notes on Standard Ratio

An analyst irrespective of his cast and creed has; however, to bear in mind that, interpretation of Financial Statements of a firm with the help of ratios becomes significant and meaningful when the same is accomplished in the backdrop of some established Standard in this regard. This Standard depends upon the own experience of the […]

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