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Non-Banking Services of India

This article throws light upon the top two types of non-banking services. The types are: 1. Services from Money Market 2. Services from Capital Market. Non-Banking Service: Type # 1. Services from Money Market: It is a financial market where people borrow and lend short-term funds. In other words, it is a process by which […]

Distributing the Financial Services

After reading this article you will learn about classification of distributing the financial services. Distributing the Services: The classification which is based on the distributing the services is actually depends on the Sources and Application of funds. Thus, the supplier of financial services has to play a dual role: (i) The sources of funds; and […]

Top 8 Types of Fee Based Activities

This article throws light upon the top eight types of fee based activities in India. The types are: 1. Issue Management 2. Portfolio Management 3. Loan/Lease Syndication 4. Corporate Counselling 5. Arranging Foreign Collaboration 6. Advising on Acquision or Mergers 7. Project Counselling 8. Advising on Capital Restricting. Fee Based Activity: Type # 1. Issue […]

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