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Financial Statement Analysis: Meaning, Objectives and Techniques

In this article we will discuss about Financial Statement Analysis:- 1. Meaning of Financial Statement Analysis 2. Objectives of Financial Statement Analysis 3. Techniques. Meaning of Financial Statement Analysis: Financial Statement Analysis is an analysis which highlights important relationships in the financial statements. Financial Statement analysis embraces the methods used in assessing and interpreting the […]

Making Financial Statement Analysis

The following points highlight the six main analysis made while making financial statement analysis. 1. Liquidity or Short-Term Solvency Analysis (Or Ratios): Liquidity or short-term solvency analysis aims to determine the ability of a business to meet its financial obligations during the short-term and to maintain its short-term debt-paying ability. The aim of liquidity analysis […]

Top 5 Problems on Financial Ratios (With Solution)

List of top five problems on financial ratios with its relevant solution. Problem # 1: The working capital of ABC Ltd. has deteriorated in recent years and now stands as under: (a) Compute the current and quick ratios. (b) A further bank loan of Rs. 50,000 against debtors is under negotiation. Assuming the loan is […]

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