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Top 5 Tools for Inter-Governmental Resource Transfer

This article throws light upon the top five tools adopted for inter-governmental resource transfer. The tools are: Inter-Governmental Resource Transfer: Tool # 1. Tax Sharing: It is mode a in which a tax (or taxes) is levied by one agency and the proceeds distributed between different agencies. Generally the tax is collected by the central […]

Federal Finance: Concept, Principles and Problems

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. The Concept of Federal Finance 2. Principles of Federal Finance 3. Problems. The Concept of Federal Finance: In usual parlance federation is defined as an association of two or more states. The federal setup is characterized by the existence of a union government (Central government) on […]

The Centre and State of India (Financial Relations)

After reading this article you will learn about the financial relations between the Centre and the State of India:- 1. Divisions of Powers 2. Distribution of Resources 3. Grants-in Aid 4. Loans. Divisions of Powers: The constitution lucidly lists the powers and functions of different layers of government. The seventh schedule of Indian Constitution, on […]

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