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Users of Accounting Information

The following points highlight the three important users of accounting information. The users are: 1. Management 2. Users with Direct Financial Interest 3. Users with Indirect Financial Interest. User # 1. Management: Management is a group of people who are responsible for using the resources and managing the affairs of an entity to achieve the […]

Descriptive and Prescriptive Accounting Concepts

In this article we will discuss about descriptive and prescriptive accounting concepts. Larsen and Miller have expressed the opinion that sets of accounting concepts differ in how they are developed and used. In general, when concepts are intended to describe current practice, they are developed by looking at accepted specific practices, and then making some […]

Postulates in Accounting

The following points highlight the four important postulates in accounting. The postulates are: 1. Entity Postulates 2. Going Concern Postulate 3. Money Measurement Postulate 4. Time Period Postulate. Postulate # 1. Entity Postulates: The entity postulate assumes that the financial statements and other accounting information are for the specific business enterprise which is distinct from […]

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