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Top 3 Types of Leverages (With Formula and Calculations)

This article throws light upon the top three types of leverage. The types are: 1. Financial Leverage 2. Operating Leverage 3. Composite Leverage. Type # 1. Financial Leverage: A firm needs funds so run and manage its activities. The funds are first needed to set up an enterprise and then to implement expansion, diversification and […]

Operating Leverage: Introduction, Method and Degree

After reading this article you will learn about Operating Leverage:- 1. Introduction to Operating Leverage 2. Method of Computing Operating Leverage 3. Degree 4. Relationship between Operating Leverage and CVP Analysis. Introduction to Operating Leverage: Operating leverage arises when the operating profit varies disproportionately with the amount of sales, i.e., it appears from the existence […]

Break Even Chart: Meaning, Advantages and Types

After reading this article you will learn about Break Even Chart:- 1. Meaning of Break-Even Chart 2. Construction of a Break-Even Chart 3. Method of Preparation 4. Advantages 5. Limitations 6. Multi-Product 7. Types. Contents: Meaning of Break-Even Chart Construction of a Break-Even Chart Types of Break-Even Chart Method of Preparation of Break-Even Chart Advantages […]

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