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Top 3 Models of Voting Theory

This article throws light upon the top three models of voting theory. The models are: 1. The Optimal Constitution 2. The Bowen-Black Majority 3. Log Rolling-The Buchanan Tullock. Voting Theory: Model # 1. The Optimal Constitution: Provision of public good presupposes the co-operation of the citi­zens. Without mutual co-operation through a representative gov­ernment or otherwise, […]

Top 3 Models for Avoidance of Double Tax

The following points highlight the top three models for avoidance of double tax. The models are: 1. OECD Model Convention on Income and Capital (OECD MC) 2. UN Model Convention (UN MC) 3. US Model Convention (US MC). Avoidance of Double Tax: Model # 1. OECD Model Convention on Income and Capital (OECD MC): General: […]

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