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Contributories: Meaning, List and Problems

The below mentioned article provides a brief note on contributories, explained with the help of suitable illustrations. Meaning of Contributories: According to Section 428 of the Companies Act, 1956, a contributory is “every person liable to contribute to the assets of a company in the event of its being wound up, and includes a holder […]

Quick Notes on Du Pont Chart | Accounting

The Du Pont Company of US pioneered a system of financial analysis which has received widespread recognition. As a useful tool for financial analysis, it has been adopted by many firms in some form or the other. The earning power, represented by return on capital employed, shows the combined effect of the net profit margin […]

Profitability Ratios and it’s Categories | Accounting

The profitability of the firm is also measured in relation to investments. The term investment may refer to total assets, capital employed or the owners’ equity. The efficiency of an enterprise is judged by the amount of profits. But sometimes the conclusion drawn on the basis of profit-to- sales ratios may be misleading. Because it […]

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