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Principles of Domestic Tax Systems

In this article we will discuss about the principles of domestic tax systems. General Principles of Domestic Tax Systems: As early as 1776, Adam Smith prescribed the four principles of taxation in his book on the “Wealth of Nations” as follows: (a) Equity: The tax payable should accord with the ability to pay, or the […]

Top 14 Principles of Responsibility Accounting | Cost Accounting

The following points highlight the top fourteen principles of responsibility accounting. 1. Determination of responsibility centres by dividing the organisation into various responsibility centres. 2. A target is fixed for each responsibility centre in consultation with the person responsible for the responsibility centre. 3. Actual performance is compared with the target. 4. The variances from […]

Accounting Principles: 8 Important Principles of Accounting

The following points highlight the eight important principles of accounting. The principles are: 1. Cost Principle 2. Dual-Aspect Principle 3. Accrual Principle 4. Conservatism Principle 5. Matching Principle 6. Consistency Principle 7. Materiality Principle 8. Full-Disclosure Principle. Accounting Principle # 1. Cost Principle: The cost principle requires that assets be recorded at their exchange price, […]

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