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Top 2 Categories for Evaluation of Public Deposits

This article throws light upon the top two categories for evaluation of public deposits. The categories are: 1. As a Source of Corporate Finance 2. Investor’s Point of View. Category # 1. As a Source of Corporate Finance: Many companies have accepted unsecured deposits from the public in the recent past, in India, mainly to […]

Government Regulation on Public Deposits

This article throws light upon the top eleven features of Government Regulation on Public Deposits. The features are: 1. Ceiling on Deposits 2. Maturity of Deposits 3. Form and Particulars of Advertisement 4. Form of Application for Deposits 5. Furnishing of Receipts to Depositors 6. Register of Deposits 7. Interest on Deposits 8. Ceiling on […]

Public Deposits: Meaning, Advantages and Regulation

After reading this article you will learn about:- 1. Meaning of Public Deposits 2. Advantages of Public Deposits 3. Regulation 4. Effective Rate of Interest. Meaning of Public Deposits: Public deposits are those deposits which are taken from the members or directors of the company or from the general public at a specified rate of […]

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