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Public Sector in India: Introduction, Objectives and Growth

After reading this article you will learn about Public Sector in India:- 1. Introduction to Public Sector 2. Objectives of Public Sector 3. Growth 4. Financial Management. Introduction to Public Sector: It is known to us that public sector means and includes all those activities and/or functions including the services which are performed, controlled or […]

7 Major Sources of Long -Term Finance

This article throws light upon the seven major sources of long-term finance. The sources are: 1. Equity and Loans from Government 2. Loan from Public Financial Institutions 3. Public Deposits 4. Internal Sources 5. Capital Markets 6. Bonds 7. International Sources. Long -Term Finance: Source # 1. Equity and Loans from the Government: We know […]

Pricing Policy of India

It should be remembered that public sector undertakings should not be guided by profit and loss considerations. Thus, their pricing policy should be guided on the basis of the following socio-economic considerations: (i) Public sector undertakings should operate its activities at the lowest possible cost along with maximum increased efficiency. (ii) The prices of their […]

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