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Questionnaire on ‘Consumer Services’

This article throws light upon the four main types of questionnaire on ‘Consumer Services’. The types are: 1. Products-Related Policies and Practices 2. Customer Relationship 3. General 4. Overall Review. Questionnaire on ‘Consumer Services’: Type # 1. Products-Related Policies and Practices: (a) Do the products manufactured meet the needs of the customers of: i. Different […]

Top 6 Types of Questionnaires on Marketing Policies

This article throws light upon the top six types of questionnaires on marketing policies designed by a management auditor.  The types are: 1. Consumer Needs Assessment 2. Market Segmentation 3. Competition and Product Position 4. Marketing Mix 5. Marketing Programme 6. Resource Allocation. Marketing Policies: Questionnaire Type # 1. Consumer Needs Assessment: (a) Is the […]

Top 8 Questionnaires for Evaluation of Personnel Policies

This article throws light upon the top eight questionnaires for evaluation of personnel policies. The questionnaires are: 1. General 2. Selection of Personnel 3. Placement, Promotion and Transfer 4. Education, Training and Development 5. Employee Remuneration 6. Motivation and Discipline 7. Disputes and Settlement 8. Social Relations. Personnel Policies Evaluation: Questionnaire # 1. General: (i) […]

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