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Public Debt and Economic Growth

After reading this article you will learn about the role of public debt in economic growth of a country. Economic growth necessitate monetization of an increasing propor­tion of economic activities and larger volume of financial transac­tions. This in turn results in an increase in financial requirements of the economy. When economic growth gets accelerated, internal […]

Capital Market and Economic Development of a Country

Capital, although scarce, is needed for the economic development of a country. Capital formation in the form of domestic capital formation, foreign direct investment and/or foreign aid is necessary to increase gross national product (GNP). Therefore, in all developing countries, a high rate of capital formation is aimed to achieve objectives of development plans. Financial […]

Corporate Management and Accounting Standards

In this article we will discuss about the role of corporate management in determination of accounting standards. Corporate managements play a central role in the determination of accounting standards. Corporate management is central to any discussion of financial reporting, whether at the statutory, or regulatory level or at the level of official pronouncements of accounting […]

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