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Top 7 Roles of Fiscal Policy in a Developing Economy

This article throws light upon the top seven roles of fiscal policy in a developing economy. The roles are: 1. Resource Mobilization 2. Development of Private Sector 3. Optimization of Resources Allocation 4. Creation of Social and Economic Overheads 5. Balanced Regional Development 6. Economic Stability 7. Reduction of Inequality. 1. Resource Mobilization: Owing to […]

Top 3 Roles of a Cost Auditor

This article throws light upon the top three roles of a cost auditor. The roles are: 1. As an ‘Agent’ 2. As an ‘Officer’ 3. As a ‘Servant’. Role # 1. As an ‘Agent’: If the basis of appointment of the auditor by different parties is the criteria to establish relationship among different persons who […]

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