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Social Audit: Concept and Objectives

After reading this article you will learn about Social Audit:- 1. Concept of Social Audit 2. Objectives of Social Audit. Concept of Social Audit: Although no unanimous definition has yet been evolved, the term Social audit, in its simple sense, may be defined as the audit of the social responsibilities that should have been discharged […]

Social Audit of the Corporate Management

After reading this article you will learn about Social Audit of the Corporate Management. ‘Social audit’ is primarily based on the recognition of social responsibility of corporate management. The recognition and desirability of social responsibility raise the question of how the actual performance of a business enterprise in this regard should be evaluated. This has […]

Top 3 Groups for Whom Social Audit is Conducted

This article throws light upon the top three groups for whom social audit is conducted. The groups are: 1. Employees 2. Society 3. Customers. Social Audit: Group # 1. Employees: (i) Satisfactory working and living conditions, (ii) Cooperative endeavour, (iii) Job satisfaction, (iv) Participative management, (v) Opportunities for minorities and backward classes, (vi) Fair and […]

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